Enrolment for Saturday May 30th 2020

- Professional Video registration of your speech, your own personal download to use on your social media, website etc.

- Support & guidance leading up to your event, prior to your event you will receive one on one guidance from Speak UP!

- Workshop, Speak UP! speakers training, three weeks prior to your event you will practice your speech in a group setting in a three hour training.

- Photo's taken during your performance; our crew will take pictures during your performance for you to use on your own social media platforms.

- You get a 25% exclusive reduction on tickets sold to your invitees (15 max subject to availability), send your hand picked guests the special link to get a 25% discount on the ticket price.

- Speak UP! located at a great new venue at walking distance ( 800 meters ) from Amsterdam Amstel station.

The venue is at the ground floor so easy accessible for all.

The content of the speeches might not be suitable for young children up to 13 years old, parental guidance is advised.


Registering with Speak UP! means participating in your event! An event with six participants, six speeches, six performances. Everyone gets 20 minutes for his or her participation. During the event you will be guided and supported by the team, musically supported by our DJ, introduced by our Master of Ceremony and your contribution will be professionally recorded by our camera man.

It's first come first serve at Speak UP! enrolment for speaking at Speak UP! is definite after receiving your enrolment fee. We do work with a stand-by list for those rare occasions a speaker can not follow through. Your payment as a Stand-By-Speaker means you payed your way and are therefore eligible to take part in the upcoming Speak UP! or if there is no time slot left for the following Speak UP!

In the run-up to the event you will receive support from Speak UP! This means, go through your text, answer your questions and remove doubts, if you so wish. This is all being done on-line, through e-mail, FaceTime, WhatsApp.  

You also get 25% off of 15 tickets for your guests!  At the door the tickets cost 20,00. On-line early-bird-tickets cost 17,50 including VAT.

Optional extra: A 1 on 1 coaching session with one of our top speakers coaches at 75, -  to 150,- per hour ex VAT is possible, this is an extra service offered by Speak UP! Payment takes place between coach and speaker and therefore continues outside Speak UP!

✻Note that exceptions on our no refund policy are only acknowledged for enrolment as a speaker more...

You first want to attend a speakers-training and practice your skills before you decide to participate as a speaker in Speak UP! then you can. Register for the next Speak UP! -Speakers-workshop on Saturday, May 9th, 2020 in Amsterdam. Here you will learn everything that comes with giving a good speech / presentation whilst you grow in confidence.

The workshop is a good general public speaking preparation and can be attended as a stand alone speakerstraining for public speaking or before signing up as a Speak UP! speaker.  


The workshop is included as part of your enrolment into Speak UP! as a speaker. It will be held at least three weeks prior to the Speak UP! event.
In this workshop you will be introduced to the basics of a good speech / presentation and performance.


In a small group you work one on one and together on the different assignments and you gradually learn to optimize your speaking skills.
The workshop provides a good solid foundation for the starting speaker and challenges the advanced speaker to push back boundaries.
Minimum 16 to maximum 20 participants.


The upcoming Workshop will be held Saturday, May 9th 2020,  doors open at 12:30, start workshop 13:00-16:00


UNLP, Fahrenheitstraat 99, 1097PP Amsterdam (8 minutes walking distance from Amsterdam Amstelstation).


As a rule the workshop is scheduled around Amsterdam, Rotterdam or Utrecht at least three weeks prior to the Speak UP! event and takes place during a one day part 13:00 - 16:00
The upcoming Workshop will take place during the weekend of May 9th 2020.
Do you first want to attend the workshop before you register for Speak UP! then sign up now, full is full.

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