How did it all started?  As Justine Kluen was taking part in Lisa Nichols her training Speak & Inspire, she had to find a stage where she could practice her speaking skills. Hence she developed Speak UP! as there were more aspiring public speakers who wanted to join in her endeavour. From initially a one time event only, it grew into a reoccurring event that quickly established itself as the place to be for anyone with an ambition to take the stage. Strong suits of Speak UP! are freedom to stay true to your own performance, feeling safe and secure, fully respected and acknowledged, taken care of and well looked after by the organisation and its amazing crew. 


"During the Speak up event I heard Justine speak and I was able to enjoy this great speaker.
What a fascinating and inspiring lady!
Her story is very authentic due to her openness and self-reflection on personal qualities. Inspiring to hear how Justine is in the world and how she faces challenges instead of running away from them. ”
I have attended a huge number of lectures and keynotes and unfortunately I see too little that a speaker can both move, challenge and inspire the audience. Justine, however, manages to achieve this flawlessly. And that's why I expect to hear a lot from her. "

—Dirceu da Silva, Dutch Public Speaking Champion

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