Justine Kluen, Producer Speak UP!

Justine Kluen, developer and organiser of Speak UP! trains speakers from her performing arts background in acting, singing and performing. As a certified NLP Master Practitioner she knows how to get you into the right mindset so you'll perform at your very best.

Justine is also a keynote speaker and co author of the Amazon Bestseller 'Upturn'.

Marieke Frankema originally from Sneek Friesland, is a born story teller. She has an impressive eight published novels to her name! Marieke trained professionally as an actress, singer and dancer within the field of musical and coaches stage presence and voice. She is also a Speak UP! Alumnus.

Careline Peerwijk is a Spoken word artist, writer and theater/drama teacher. Her work is impressive and never leaves you untouched.

She plays with words in a creative way, knows how to inspire and motivate others to do the same and take their message to a whole new dimension. We are immensely proud to have her in our midst!

Shyam Chedoe, Speak UP!-speakers-coach.

Shyam Chedoe became TEDx winner of Publics Favorite in 2017. Besides being a TEDx speakers coach he also coaches Speak UP! participants towards an outstanding performance. "Me no frede" I have no fear, is Shyam's personal mantra and he knows there is no excuse for not living your dream!

Nora Nerwa is a TEDx speaker and Speak UP! coach who trained extensively with Dirceu da Silva and Blair Singer. Besides a linguistic genius an NLP Master Practitioner and trainer, Nora is a lawyer International & European Law. Her reason for becoming a lawyer stems from a turbulent childhood. As a former Assyrian refugee Nora fled from country to country leaving all she knew and loved behind. None the less it made her aware of the bleak contrasts that people experience during their life and it made her long to become a game changer on a global scale.

Joyce Dellimore public speaker pur sang, trained with Dirceu da Silva and was noticed as a natural talent immediately. With her 40-years experience as an educator, she brings many practical insights, in particular mindset and social skills. She is straight forward, firm and disciplined. Joyce is also a certified NLP Practitioner and has experience as a Master of Ceremony.

Lee Immerzeel trained with Lisa Nichols within her training 'Speak & Inspire' and is besides a Speak UP! Alumnus, a coach and an upcoming keynote speaker who made a big impression with his TEDx talk 'Forgiveness is Power'. Lee shares from the heart and takes you into a world with great contrasts and found that self-liberation is key: you choose your own truth and that is a powerful starting position wherever you are in your life. Lee coaches speakers in Dutch and optionally in English.

Speak UP! has more knowhow and professional coaching available, for those who want more out of their participation in Speak UP! Besides the seven coaches introduced above we work with more experts who have all earned their stripes.


Vacancies: We are always interested in and on the lookout to join forces in talent, expertise and know how with a practical hands-on coaching and training approach. If you are interested in joining our team, than please do get in touch!

The workshop is a good general public speaking preparation and can be attended as a stand alone speakerstraining for public speaking or before signing up as a Speak UP! speaker.  


The workshop is included as part of your enrolment into Speak UP! as a speaker. It will be held at least three weeks prior to the Speak UP! event.
In this workshop you will be introduced to the basics of a good speech / presentation and performance.


In a small group you work one on one and together on the different assignments and you gradually learn to optimize your speaking skills.
The workshop provides a good solid foundation for the starting speaker and challenges the advanced speaker to push back boundaries.
Minimum 16 to maximum 20 participants.


The upcoming Workshop will be held Saturday, May 9th 2020,  doors open at 12:30, start workshop 13:00-16:00


UNLP, Fahrenheitstraat 99, 1097PP Amsterdam (8 minutes walking distance from Amsterdam Amstelstation).


As a rule the workshop is scheduled around Amsterdam, Rotterdam or Utrecht at least three weeks prior to the Speak UP! event and takes place during a one day part 13:00 - 16:00
The upcoming Workshop will take place during the weekend of May 9th 2020.
Do you first want to attend the workshop before you register for Speak UP! then sign up now, full is full.

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