NLP & communication

We operate within seven human needs:

∙The need for security

∙The need for variety and diversity 

∙The need for significance

∙The need for growth

∙The need for love

∙The need to being a contributor

∙The need for Balance & Harmony in ones life

Do you recognise yourself within the seven human needs?

Liberating values:

1. Every behavior was the best choice that someone had at the time
2. Behind every behavior is a positive intention
3. Failure does not exist - Only feedback exists
4. The meaning of the message is the reaction that follows
5. If what you do doesn't work, test something else
6. The person with the most flexibility wins: live with options!
7. The past is not the same as the future (nobody is broken)
8. The map is not the area & perception is projection
9. Respect the model (map / representation) of the world of the other
10. You cannot NOT communicate / manipulate
11. Everyone has all the tools needed to achieve the desired results (If someone else can do it, I can do it too!)

These values ​​have their basis in NLP.


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