Your own 20 minutes on stage

For anyone wishing to speak their heart, make a dent in the universe, create a new way of looking at the world, open up the minds and hearts of thousands, Speak UP! provides a safe and professional environment that facilitates all the necessary requirements for your talk, your performance, your message and your recording. 

Registering as a speaker or performer with Speak UP! means participation in your event!

An event with:

  • six participants,
  • six speeches or performances
  • six professional video recordings.
  • one Master of Ceremony
  • one DJ
  • a professional camera crew
  • an amazing committed team
  • one production team leader

Everyone gets 20 minutes for his or her participation. During the event you will be guided and supported by the team, musically supported by our DJ, introduced by our Master of Ceremony and your contribution will be professionally recorded by our camera man more...


Prior to your event you will be guided and coached towards your own unique Speak UP! contribution.

Professional video registration

Getting your message out is important. The most effective way is by speaking in public. The most time effective way is having this speech professionally recorded so you can really make an impact and showcase your message on multiple media. It's really up to you. It is your speech and it is yours to decide what to do with it.

Speak UP! speakers workshop

In order to let your story, your contribution evolve you need to practise. Within the workshop you explore the different ways of getting your message across and really put yourself to the test. The workshop needs preparation and commitment by the participants for you to really benefit from it.

“We believe that by contributing to one another’s growth and personal development, we ourselves become outstanding human beings.

The way we contribute to that personal growth and fulfilment is by organising the best platform to accelerate that growth.

Speak UP! is that platform. Wanna sign up?”

—Justine Kluen

Speak UP! and NLP

Over its short life span since its birth during the spring of 2018, it has won the hearts of many by being an honest, sincere, unpretentious, though professional setting for those who want to practise their speaking skills.

Speak UP! herby cordially invites you to come and take the stage! Be it as a performer, public speaker or as an audience member, your attendance does make a difference. This time it's all about you!


If you wish for Speak UP! to come to your training facility, your business, your community, your town or village, do get in touch so we can arrange for Speak UP! to spread its wings and set the stage for even more people to Speak UP!

Speak UP! travels around. Currently it has its base in Amsterdam. We like to cooperate with business owners, training facilities within the Netherlands, Europe and World wide,  that work from the same values as Speak UP!

These values are to be found in NLP. For more information about what NLP can bring to your life, do get in touch with UNLP

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