Our Speak UP! Team

Our Speak UP! crew members are dedicated in bringing the best to each Speak UP! event and to raise the bar and take it to the next level. Their commitment and sheer joy in guiding the speakers through their Speak UP! is refreshing and heartwarming at the same time.

This excellent production team  knows exactly what needs to be done to make the event a memorable, outstanding one.


With taking part in Speak UP! you as a speaker can make a huge shift in your own personal development and as a business owner you can provide an unforgettable event by inviting Speak UP! at your business location. For sure it will surpass everyones wildest dreams. Yes, even your own!

Tommy Zwartjes is a creative jack-of-all-trades, he has earned his spurs as a cameraman, composer / songwriter and artist, but also as a theater maker.

Alex Timas DJ and sound expert, is a true profession idiot. A life without music is not a life. Alex sets the tone and scales up every Speak UP! with the best music and does this in his own unique  way. Alex works by appointment as a freelance DJ on different assignments.

Justine Kluen, Producer Speak UP! and Leontien van den Berg, Pippi incognito.

Johan Plomp, image and sound, records every Speak UP! participant in razor-sharp  images and does this in a professional manner so that you as a speaker really come into your own.

Ali Özkurt logistics production leader is a people person, he knows how to sense people flawlessly and give them the guidance and support needed at the right moment.

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