Did you speak at Speak UP! or visited our event as a guest? than we would love to hear your comments, get feedback or even a compliment! Whatever it is, it helps us improve and grow to make Speak UP! the best speakers platform out there and cater to your every need.

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Creative Picture
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Creative Picture
a month ago

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4 years ago

Justine asked me to come to the kickoff of Speak UP 2020. Where she would be speaking herself and she wanted me to come and listen to her talk.

Justine shared why she started with Speak Up and why we all should be skipping. I really enjoyed her talk and the talk of the other speakers.

In each and every one of us lies a story. We all have a story to tell and Speak UP is a wonderful platform for everybody who wants to share their story.

4 years ago

I met Justine at Tony Robbins UPW in London and we had a great time! Justine asked me to come and speech at SpeakUP and I said yes! Even though I did not know my subject yet, I felt it would be a great opportunity to speak out what was inside of me and what wants to be said. Justine took time to explain what her idea was and we even had a little brainstorm about the subject. She truly motivates to get the most honest story out of you. So thank you Justine. I really loved having the opportunity to do what I clearly love to do: speak out and sing. And meeting the other speakers and interact with the audience was a great experience. This is a great platform to practice skills, be coached along the way and it is great the speeches are filmed too, so your story can be shared with the world. 😊🙏💜✨

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